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Off Season and Year-Round Services

Free Curbside scrap metal pickup

Off Season and Year-Round Services offered by Suburban Sealcoating & Junk Removal

Suburban Sealcoating performs a variety of services in our off season (November- April) These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Pothole patching: Winter’s Freeze-Thaw cycles cause potholes when water and ice get into the cracks. Potholes are dangerous and unsightly. If you have potholes in your pavement Suburban Seal Coating can fill your potholes with IDOT – Illinois Department of Transportation approved all weather cold patch to get you through the winter.
  • Residential snow removal: Suburban Seal Coating offers very reliable and thorough residential snow removal and all snowfalls of 2” or more. Limited service area includes 60004, 60005, 60008, 60067 and 60056 and in some situation’s other nearby areas.
  • Small Local moves: Need to move a dining room table to your daughter in the next town, but don’t have a vehicle big enough. Did you find a deal on a couch on Letgo or Craig’s List? We can help Pick it up and deliver it.
  • Junk Removal/ Basement, Garage and attic organizing: junk removalWhether you’re doing a remodeling job or just looking to get rid of unneeded clutter, let us organize and haul away your unwanted garbage or junk. This is a service we can offer year-round, but the best pricing and most flexible service will be in the off season for sealcoating. Items we can haul away for you include, but are not limited to:
      • General clutter
      • Appliances
      • Old furniture
      • Mattresses
      • Carpet and flooring
      • Remodeling projects.


Junk Removal Price list guideline(Prices may vary)

    • Curbside scrap metal pickup: No charge 60004, 60005, 60007, 60008, 600056, 60067. Other zip codes add mileage. Scrap metal that’s included in a junk removal job is not free or discounted.
    • Additional mileage Zip codes $2/ mile from Busse and Algonquin Rd. 60056.
    • Scrap metal pickup in house. $50 light duty 1 person $100 heavy material, requiring 2 people. Mileage additional as posted above. Multiple items additional.
    • TVs $75 light TVs 75 lbs or less $125 over 75 lbs.
    • Single bulk items 1st floor (mattress, couch,  cabinet etc) $85 heavy items (entertainment center, treadmill etc are additional) Stairs may be additional.
    • Multiple items, General garbage/ clutter. Multiple bulk items up to 1/2 trailer load. $150. Full Trailer $250 (very heavy nonmetal items may be additional: Brick, Tile, solid wood etc.)
    • Shortbed pickup $125. Long bed pickup with cage $225
    • Rent our Trailer and load yourself. We’ll back up our trailer on your driveway for up to 48 hours and you load yourself. $125 plus mileage plus dump fees (usually $40-80)

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