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Do you also sealcoat parking lots?

Yes. About 1/3 of our business is patching, paving, sealcoating, hot cracksealing and restriping commercial parking lots.

When can we have our driveway sealcoated?

We can usually sealcoat your driveway within 1 week of receiving authorization to do work weather permitting.

What time will you be coming?

Since we sealcoat several jobs per day it is very hard to predict exactly what time, but we will always ring or knock upon arriving to make sure that you will have your cars out of the garage and driveway. It is best to just move the car in the morning.

Do we need to be home?

You do not need to be home. You may leave a check taped to the door. If you are not comfortable with that we can leave an invoice. It is very important that you contact us if you do not receive an invoice or simply mail payment to the address on your proposal contract.

When can we use our driveway?

For curing purposes we recommend you don’t drive for 24 hours (48 hours in October). However on a warm sunny day the material dries very quickly so once the material is pitch black you may walk on your driveway.

Will you make sure not to get tar on our Brick? (or cement, or house etc.)?

We neatly brush all our residential sealcoating jobs to make sure we only get material where we need to. We pride ourselves in our neatness and we don’t get material on your house, brick, concrete etc.

What can we do about the cracks?

Major cracks (1/4” wide and larger) are filled with a rubberized liquid cracksealant that is thicker than the actual sealer. We can’t make cracks disappear and you should expect large and deep cracks to settle a bit. In addition short of cutting out and patching the area or complete driveway replacement, there is nothing we can do about alligatored areas.

What is this hot applied cracksealant?

Although the cold pour crack filling products included in your quote do provide significant protection they will usually open up over the cold winter months. For more durability we offer hot applied sealants and Safe Seal 3405. These products are made to expand and contract with winters freeze and thaw cycles. Although the cost is a little more initially it can save you money in the long run in 2 ways. 1st since the hot applied crack sealant will hold up much better you may not feel the need to sealcoat as often. 2nd since the material provides better protection it should help prevent more costly repairs in your asphalt.

Can you do the job any cheaper?

We will match any legitimate competitor’s price up to 15% who provides you a written proposal so we can make an apples to apples comparison. This is not good with any other discounts. When getting cheaper quotes be aware that not all sealcoating jobs are the same.

Do you offer rebates if I refer someone?

We appreciate referrals. We will offer a 5 % rebate for 1-2 referrals and 10% for 2 or more referrals. These rebates are not combinable with multiple neighbor discounts or any other discounts.

How often do we need to sealcoat?

As a rule we like to sealcoat 2 coats either the 1st year or 1 coat the first year or 1 coat the second year on new pavement. After that every 2-3 years should be adequate. We sometimes recommend a 2 coat application on a commercial parking lot since it receives more traffic than driveways. However, when 2 coats are applied you will need to keep the parking lot traffic free for longer and you will get power steering marks that should fade over time.

Why should I Be Wary This Year? and by the way, why is Suburban Seal Cote’s price higher than others I have heard of?

Sealcoating materials costs have increased dramatically in the last year. In addition our labor costs in particular have increased significantly. We try to pay very competitive wages with incentive to attract the best crew members.

So BEWARE of ANY company still offering “last year’s prices,” There are several new and “established” companies in our area who may be cutting materials (by diluting them) and operating without insurance or by doing the work too quickly or applying the sealer too thin. Suburban Seal Coating has spent years developing our reputation for quality and ethics and we will not compromise it by “cutting corners”. Think about it a moment; does it make sense for sealcoating & pavement services (which all involve petroleum) to be the ONLY thing that has gone down in price this year?


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